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McMillan Strategies

Strategic Business Growth Session

Strategic Business Growth Session

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One on One Session

McMillan Strategies Strategic Business Growth Session is a personalized and expert-led consulting service designed to assist entrepreneurs in assessing their current business situation, planning a strategic course of action, and making confident decisions for your next business moves.

Once you complete your purchase I will be in touch to schedule our call.

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  • Guidance

  • Strategy

  • Empowerment

Would you like to?

  • Maximize your business potential?
  • Gain valuable insights from an experienced executive?
  • Make confident and informed decisions for your business?

Who this is for

The McMillan Strategies Strategic Business Growth Session is best suited for ambitious entrepreneurs who are eager to take control of their business growth and make confident decisions. It is for those who want to do the work themselves but seek guidance from a seasoned professional to help accelerate your success.

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The Benefits

  • Receive expert advice on a wide range of topics including executive management, branding, marketing, finance, and more.
  • Gain clarity on resolving your current business challenges and blind spots.
  • Identify new opportunities for growth.
  • Boost your confidence in making critical decisions and executing crucial tasks.
  • Develop a customized action plan for moving your business forward.
  • Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and maximize your potential for business success.

How it Works

  • Schedule your session: Choose a time that suits your schedule.
  • Zoom session: Engage in a 45-minute to 2-hour session. (Length will vary, depending on your specific needs).
  • Expert guidance: Receive personalized insights, strategies, and recommendations on topics relevant to your business goals.
  • Actionable steps: Walk away from each session with clear action steps to implement and drive your business forward.
  • Ongoing support: Available as a one-time, or recurring session to help keep you on track.
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What's Included

  • Personalized strategic guidance sessions via Zoom.
  • Expert advice on a wide range of business topics, including management, corporate finance, communications, & more.
  • Actionable insights tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Confidence-building strategies that help you execute crucial tasks effectively.

My Experience

With nearly 20 years of executive-level experience across a variety of industries, I have a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

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I've Got You

At McMillan Strategies, I am committed to your success. I’ve been in most challenges you are facing and lend that experience to help you reach your goals.

Getting Started

  1. Complete the purchase of your business growth session. I will reach out to book a time for our call.
  2. Discuss your specific business goals and challenges with me on our call.
  3. Receive personalized strategic recommendations during our session.
  4. Complete your homework from that session to move your business forward.
  5. Book another session to continue our work when you’re ready or lock in a recurring time.

(Any questions? Email or say hello via live chat)