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With my support you will gain the clarity you are seeking to help you navigate the capital markets with confidence, leveraging industry best practices that have been learned and refined over decades.

We will work together to help you refine your vision and roadmap, and execute your growth strategy in a professional way.

You may also benefit from my strategic relationships around the world, ripe with multidisciplinary experience and abilities. These doors will be opened as when and where appropriate, when you’re ready.

My Experience

My family and I have been around the markets my whole life. With over 15 years experience working with and managing public companies, I have held most executive roles including President, CEO, Director, and Vice President Corporate Communications.

I have helped clean up, turnaround, and run ventures in resources, technology, and entertainment. I have raised and helped raise millions over dollars with my clients over this period.

Areas of Expertise

Executive Management

Corporate Finance

Corporate Governance

Corporate Communications

Human Resources

Mergers & Acquisitions

Stakeholder Relations

Corporate Turnarounds

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