Bridging Private Ventures with Public Companies

McMillan Strategies bridges the gap between private ventures and small cap public companies seeking investment, acquisition, or partnership opportunities. With a focus on resources, technology, and entertainment, we offer a platform for private entities to find their ideal public company match.

Why Work with Us

  • Experience Across Sectors: Highlight your agnostic approach with a special focus on resources, technology, and entertainment, underscoring your understanding of these markets' nuances and opportunities.

  • Access to Capital and Strategic Partners: Emphasize your network of small cap public companies looking for investment opportunities, offering private entities a unique pathway to capital and strategic growth.

  • Tailored Matchmaking: Detail how your expertise ensures the right fit between private ventures and public companies, maximizing the potential for successful partnerships, acquisitions, or divestitures.

Benefits of Partnering with Public Companies

  • Capital Infusion: Explain how partnering with or being acquired by a public company can provide the necessary capital for growth or an exit strategy.

  • Increased Visibility: Outline the benefits of the increased visibility and credibility that come with being associated with a public entity.

  • Strategic Growth: Discuss how these partnerships or acquisitions can offer new avenues for strategic growth, market expansion, and enhanced operational capabilities.

Ready to Elevate Your Venture?

Connect with us to explore how your project or company can benefit from our network of small cap public companies.

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